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Our travels around Europe in 2024

Briga has had the wonderful opportunity to attend courses in Europe to help its employees gain some extra skills which will be incredibly useful for our staff in all that we do.

We have used our accreditation to travel to Palermo, Amsterdam and Bologna, and attended three different courses which we hope can help meet our accreditation objectives. With an overarching goal of reducing the drop-out rate of adult learners in our courses, we are trying to tackle this in different ways.

In Palermo, our colleagues Tatjana and Bente attended a course called Teaching Languages in the digital era: the best apps, web platforms and ICT solutions for learning languages. A course that we feel has delivered exactly what was expected of it, and also helps us massively as we are primarily focussing on language learning in Briga. Over seven intense days at the Erasmus Learning Academy, Tatjana and Bente worked with other teachers from Europe, and looked at practical tools to help them in the classroom. Most exciting of all is of course the introduction of AI tools, but with so many to pick from, our colleagues will have to invest some time in finding which ones are best for their teaching style.

In Amsterdam, I had the chance to attend a course by the Europass Teacher Academy. The course was called 21st Century Skills for Teachers and Learners and despite the impression its name gives you, it had very little to do with digital solutions, and more to do with 21st century skills which most of us forget or overlook. The course took a balanced look at both teachers and learners, and what we should expect from each other.

Our final trip was to Bologna, where Jan Erik attended another course provided by the Erasmus Learning Academy. Here he attended the course European Project Management and design for teachers, headmasters and educators. Here we believe Briga has gained methods on how to tackle Erasmus+ projects, both small and large. We further see the major benefit of increasing our Erasmus+ collaborations and working with many more organisations on European projects. The main motivation behind this is how much local knowledge we gain in these projects, and as a language school this helps us in providing a better experience for our learners.

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